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Overview of Bonaire

Shore Diving Capital of the World!
Find out why Bonaire is called the "Shore Diving Capital of the World". Don't fret though, Bonaire still has boat diving, and we will make at least one boat dive every day. But, Bonaire has great shore diving too and they know how to do it better than any place else in the World! Our package includes unlimited air and a van too! All the dive spots are clearly marked by painted numbers on rocks marking the entrance to the dive sites. It just can't get any easier!

There are a few dive spots that are world famous.. To name a few: Palau - Fish & Sharks Beautiful Diving and a great island. Turk (Chuuk), If you want to see wrecks, Truk has no real competition. Yap - see Manta Rays ever dive every day - Incredible.

And of course, Bonaire...

I have been diving all over and I am always ready to return to Bonaire. Friendly people, great weather, exceptional diving. We have obtained what I think is an excellent value package that everyone can enjoy.

Bonaire beckons her visitors to share warm year round sunshine and a tranquil, ocean centered lifestyle. And the island life is truly unhurried, uncrowded and peaceful. Many experienced divers consider Bonaire to be one of the most consistently spectacular dive destinations in the world. And for good reason, as there are almost no “non-diving” days in Bonaire, and that goes for night diving, too.

Diving Highlights
Visibility averages 100’ and Bonaire’s reefs enjoy the highest diversity of reef fish in the Caribbean. In addition to over 350 different species of reef fish you may see hawksbill and green sea turtles, rays, tarpon, reef sharks, seahorses, frogfish, and even the occasional whaleshark. Bonaire’s extensive reef system also hosts a prolific number of both soft and hard corals and sponges.

Bonaire’s claim to diving fame lies in its incredible shore diving. Plus, the town pier in Bonaire is annually rated by many dive publications to be the best night dive in the world. Super weather all year-round, clear and amazingly abundant water, and a totally relaxing pace are standard fare. Bonaire’s reefs are remarkably well-preserved, as all the local reef systems have been totally protected as a Marine Park since 1979. The Bonaire Park authorities have established 80 mooring buoys at the best dive sites, and no more than one dive boat is permitted at a time. Although big fish are not common, the reefs, which often begin in waist-deep water, are teeming with marine life and are especially prolific in relationship to reef fish, sponges and small critters of every kind (anemone, shrimp, seahorses, etc.). As an exceptionally dry, arid island with no freshwater runoff, the underwater visibility is among the Caribbean’s best.

Lying 1,200 miles south of Miami and just 50 miles north of Venezuela, the diver’s paradise island of Bonaire measures 24 miles long and seven miles wide. Kralendijk, the capital, is a colorful town of Dutch colonial architecture with a wide variety of boutiques and casual shops plying a variety of treasures, from hand-painted T-shirts to exquisite custom jewelry and collectables, many with marine life themes. During the day, any nature enthusiast will be impressed by the fact that one-fourth of this island is a wildlife park, which among other species contains approximately 10,000 pink flamingos (equal to the human population of Bonaire). A day trip around the island is highly recommended to visit Washington-Slagbaai National Park, the town of Rincon, the solar salt pans and salt hills, and the Arawak Indian inscriptions in the caves at Boca Onima.

Bonaire offers a casual tropical atmosphere–small beaches dot the iron shore with entries marked by yellow stones for diving, swimming and snorkeling, and there are a number of land-based activities to keep you entertained for days. Casinos are casual and open only at night, but the real draw to Bonaire is the diving. Even the license plates say “Diver’s Paradise!”

Diving and Watersports
Bonaire is renowned for its great snorkeling and diving right off the shore. The almost driftless diving is great for macro photography. You can also enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, and sailing.

Adventure and Sightseeing
Visit the picturesque village of Rincon and Gotomeer, a salt lake that is home to some of Bonaire’s extensive flamingo colonies. See the slave huts along the south coast bordering the salt pans and the Arawak Indian cave paintings at Boca Onima. Explore Washington-Slagbaai National Park by bus, car or guided cycles, or hike up Mt. Brandaris.

Shopping and Nightlife
Downtown Bonaire along the water-front promenade has shopping by day and dancing and dining by night. Local art, custom jewelry, and island-style clothing including Indonesian batiks are popular purchases. Many resorts have special theme nights and stunning underwater slide shows on a weekly basis. Two resort casinos provide exciting gaming by night.

The northeast trade winds are constant year-round. Located well south of the hurricane belt and out of harm’s way, the island enjoys ideal weather with less than 20” of annual rainfall. Sunny skies and cool breezes are the norm.

Average Air Temp: Day: 82° F Night: 75° F

Water Temp: 78° - 84° F

Water Quality
The water is distilled from seawater and is perfectly safe to drink.

Language & Currency
Papiamentu is the local language, but Dutch, English and Spanish are all widely spoken and understood. Papiamentu is a form of Creole indigenous to the Dutch Antilles, particularly Bonaire, Curacao, and Aruba, where it is considered the national language. You'll sound like a pro if you say "Bon Dia" (Good Morning) to the locals!

Currency used in Bonaire is now the US Dollar. Traveler's checks and credit cards are widely accepted. Be sure to have your passport or positive ID when changing traveler's checks at banks.

Bonaire is on Atlantic Standard Time (AST). Same time as the United States east coast during Daylight Savings Time (mid-Spring to mid-Fall). Bonaire does not change time for Daylight Savings.