This online course will cover the Amateur Technician Course with the question pool valid july 1, 2014 to June 30, 2018. At this time only the link 'Entire Question Pool with Hints' is updated. Each module will be updated and noted as it has been updated.

This online course is sponsored by the Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club in affiliation with the ARRL

The course is free, we will only financially benifit from donations to the club and/or from dues if you decide to join the club.

The course is designed to prepare you for a successful quest to obtain the FCC Amateur Radio Technician License, and to acquaint you with proper proceedures and practices.

You will need to make a time commitment to review, learn, and demonstrate your ability to demonstrate some basic theory & regulations.

The intent of this material is to suppliment the text book, not repeat every thing in it. However, some material will be repeated or expanded. Additional pictures and videos will be used to further explain the topics where necessary.

Our mission is to help you learn the material, administer an exam, help you understand the basics of Amateur Radio & welcome you into the Ham community and hopefully our Amateur Radio Club.

Course Information:

The course will consist of several parts:

  1. Text Book learning by your reading the course text book
  2. Online learning by loging on to the course on the internet and viewing additional information, reinforcement of text information & links to other source information.
  3. Interactive quizes on the internet to review the material and reinforce learning
  4. Reviewing test pool questions, taking parctice test all found on the Text Book CD (included with the textbook)
  5. An Interactive Blog or Forums which will allow you to interact with the moderator and other students concerning any questions technical and otherwise.
  6. You can take the course at your own pace and at anytime 24/7.

Class Materials

Our TextBook

The following items are needed to complete the course:

  1. A computer and access to the internet
  2. The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Second Edition - Technician Level 1
  3. The book is available from several sources - ARRL- Sierra Foothills ARC at a discount (email
  4. Registration with SFARC online course Forum


Future spot for calendar if we decide to schedule classes rather than starting anytime.       


At the end of each learning module you will have a interactive quiz. You will receive instant feedback to your answers and you will be able to see how you did on the quiz overall.

Also you will be able to view a detailed summary of the questions.

All questions and answers, wheither right and wrong, will be referenced back to your text so you can review and correct any wrong answers.

Tips on how to remember the correct answer are included.

You can take the quiz as often as you wish.

No one but you will see the quiz results.