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Bonica XP HDDV Dive Camera


The Bonica Snapper Dive 1080P HDDV Digital Media Camcorder features the innovative XP system (stands for extra protection) that safeguards the camcorder against moisture by having a completely water-tight silicone skin around the camera, much like a dry suit. While inside the skin, the camcorder is an all-weather camcorder fit for all outdoor activities. The skin protects the camcorder from rain, snow, sand and scratches. When the camcorder is inside the hard housing, it is ready to be submerged to 180'. In case moisture gets inside the housing, the digital camera is fully protected. The Bonica Snapper Dive 1080P HDDV is a miniature camera that resembles some digital still photo cameras in its vertical layout. The camcorder has a 2.4" LCD monitor that allows easy and fun framing, even when wearing a mask. The Bonica Snapper Dive 1080P HDDV does not use video tape, but writes onto inexpensive SD cards. In fact, a 4 GB card will record over 90 minutes of video. Because the recording process uses no moving parts, the card can be reused more times than a video cassette. Hi-Definition 1280 x 720 resolution video at 30fps, Action Video Mode at 1290 x 720P resolution at 30fps, 5MP digital stills with software to make them 8MP stills, and a built in video light are just some of the many features this stylish camera comes with. Includes: Camera, Snapper Skin, Underwater Housing
List Price: $499.95
Price: $349.95

Sea Life Moisture Munchers


Made for Sea Life Cameras. However, will work with almost any underwater camera housing. Eats humidity, kills moisture Moisture Muncher Packs absorb moisture to prevent fogging and corrosion of your valuable electronics and cameras. Use inside an airtight storage case or container to create a perfect dry environment for your valuable items. Each bag contains one ounce of powerful moisture absorbing granules and color indicating crystals. When crystals turn from blue to pink color, it's time to replace the bag. Contains three (3) one-ounce bags.
Price: $9.95

Sea Life SL9618 Flash Diffusser


Better Contrast, Richer Colors The SeaLife Digital Pro Flash Diffuser prevents hotspots and washed out images, and brings out richer colors and better contrast. Diffuser easily flips out of the way when not in use. Only for use with the Digital Pro Flash (item SL961). Picture shows positions of diffusser. Does not include Strobe.
Price: $29.95

Sealife DC1400 Pro Kit


The SeaLife DC1400 is the easiest digital camera to use underwater, ever. The camera features five widespread "piano key" controls, a large shutter button, and a fingertip-control lever that allows scrolling through menus or zooming in and out without releasing your grip from the camera.
List Price: $829.95
Price: $799.95

Sealife DC1400 Replacement Battery


Spare Rechargeable Camera Battery Rechargeable lithium ion battery for the DC1400 and DC1200 underwater cameras. Keep a spare battery charged so you never miss an opportunity to capture that perfect shot.
Price: $29.95

Sealife Mini II Camera


The SeaLife Mini II Dive & Sport digital camera is carrying on the Rugged and Shockproof tradition of the original Mini but has upped the ante in a couple of categories. Now the 9 megapixel self contained camera, is waterproof to 130 ft and shockproof to 6ft. Just as rugged as its predecessor, the Mini II can withstand being run over by a 4500lb car and still be operational and waterproof. Along with its ruggedness, the Mini II has taken on some features from its big brother, the DC1200. The Easy set-up menu that has set the dive world on its toes, has now been introduced to the easy to use, 3 button Mini II. Along with the Easy set-up is a simplified menu system that makes navigating through the camera functions easier than ever.
List Price: $199.95
Price: $169.99

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